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How to Study for the DAT

I’m finally done with the DAT after 28 days of the grind (well, technically 25 days because I was out with the flu for 3 days). I spent my winter vacation studying from 9am – midnight with a few intermittent breaks. I’m relatively happy with my score although I feel like I could have done better in a few categories. I’ll give a breakdown of my DAT here.

December 1st. It's a magical day for pre-dental students who are applying to dental school. It's the first day that they will know whether or not they have been accepted into dental school.

I spent the whole summer debating between a career in dentistry and a career in medicine. I thought I had made a decision until Thanksgiving vacation when my aunt arrived in California and turned my world topsy-turvy again. Now, I'm flirting with the idea of becoming a physician's assistant...